Hinduism is the World’s oldest religion. It’s origins are not precisely known. It is several thousand years old and woven intricately into the fabric of daily life of the devout Hindu. The Vedas are it’s scriptures and the oldest in the World. Rigveda, the first of the four Vedas, is in a language called Samskritam (also called Sanskrit by many). It takes many years of rigorous study to understand the Vedas and the followon Brahmanas, Upanishads and Aranyakas. The Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida strictly follows the Pancharathra Agama for Vishnu and parivaar and Shiva Agama for Shiva and Parivaar, as described in the Vedas.

The Bhagavadgeetha written by Vyaasa a few thousand years ago is considered by the Hindus as a sacred text on Hinduism. It is in the form of a dialogue between Sri Krishna who is an incarnation ( avataar) of Vishnu and Arjuna a Prince warrior in the epic Mahaabhaaratham. There are many treatises and commentaries on Hinduism written by scholars over the years. The following are just a few of the dozens of links to Websites on Hinduism for anyone who is interested to learn more on the subject.