We provide various religious services as outlined in the table below at the temple premises and your home with scheduled appointments. For more details you may contact the priests at the temple. (954) 689-0471.

Click here for detailed list of pooja materials for various private religious services

Annual Donor Tickets

$200 for Two Persons of the same family $120 for One Person of the same family Annual Regular Tickets $100 for Two Persons of the same family $60 for One Person of the same famil $20 for Students & Children over 12 Annual Pass holders will be entitled for additional adult tickets for family members at a discounted price of $10 each, which would cost $15 otherwise. As always, Children under 12: free, Students: $5/- each. For further details and tickets, please contact the Cultural Committee members:

Services At Temple At Old Temple Hall At Home
Ashtotra Archana $15.00
Trishati Archana $20.00
Suvarnapushpa Archana $25.00
Sahasranama Archana $25.00
Sathyanarayana Pooja
—Regular Days $101.00 $151.00
—Full Moon Days $35.00
Grihapravesham $151.00
Ayushya Homam $151.00 $175.00
Namakaranam $101.00 $151.00
Annaprashanam $51.00 $101.00
Vidyarambam $51.00
Navagraha Homam $151.00  $175.00
Abhishekam to any Deity on Scheduled day $51.00
Vahana Pooja $50.00
Upanayanam* $201.00 $251.00
Kalyanam* (Wedding) (includes Gurudakshina) $900.00 $1,200.00
Sreemantham* $151.00 $201.00
Tharpanam or Hiranya Srardham $75.00 $101.00
Wedding Engagement* $151.00 $201.00
Sankatahara Chathurthi / Pradhosham /Navagraha Pooja (Temple Sponsored) $25.00
Kalyanothsavam (Temple sponsored) $51.00
Kalyanothsavam (private sponsorship) $251.00

Please Note:

  • Flowers and Fruits are requested for Services
  • Acharya Sambhavam (offering to the priest is optional) is not included in the fees above.
  • For home services devotees must provide to and from transportation to the priest.
  • To sponsor any services and availability of date and time, please contact the priest
    at (954) 689-0471 * Additional Hall rental fees.